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Global Service Pharmaceutical was founded in August 2006 as Pharmaceutical wholesaler aiming to provide access essential unavailable medicines in Colombia across health sector for the treatment of orphan and high cost diseases. The basis of our organization have been the transparency, compliance with the regulatory requirements and social commitment by providing fair prices and an opportune service.

Our team includes health care and administrative professionals who interact internally and with the different health entities in order to provide patients with a comprehensive and timely service. In this way we seek to offer the patient a better life quality.

Our team is composed of skilled, passionate young people committed with our mission. We learn every day with every task performed and contribute with our knowledge for the personal growth of our employees as well the growth of the company.

The fulfillment of the delivery, the fair prices and the support to our customers have allowed Global Service Pharmaceutical to gain recognition the health sector and establish itself as one of the most recognized companies of imported medicines.

We exclusively represent in Colombia the following brands: THERAFIRM ®, SYNACTHEN ® Y VITAMIX ®

Our added value

  • Nationwide delivery, including small size and remote cities based on the patient requirement.
    24/7 warehouse monitoring.
  • Satellite tracking of shipments.
  • Storage and transportation of controlled-temperature medicines.
  • Certified and conditioned spaces for medicines and medical devices.
  • Handling customization according to the requirements of the customer.


We commercialize unlicensed medicines, essential unavailable medicines, national medicines and medical devices offering a competitive service aiming to satisfy our customers and contributing to life quality of our patients. Our processes comply with Colombian law which allow us to seek a better quality in the service provided and to offer fair prices adjusted to our national health system. We aim to constantly improve our relationship with our strategic partners.


Being positioned as the leading company in the colombian market of unlicensed medicines with the representation of International suppliers and Pharmaceutical manufacturers. GSP will be distinguished for the service provided and the ethics in each administrative and comercial operation.


  • Service
  • Transparency
  • Responsability

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