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Pharmacovigilance and technosurveillance

According to the World Health Organization, Pharmacovigilance (PV) is “defined as the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problem”

Through the pharmaceutical supply chain process, Global Service Pharmaceutical guarantees the accomplishment of Quality Assurance to preserve the medicines ´quality standards for a safe use. We keep active our Pharmacovigilance System post commercialization and we are able to Drug Safety Agreements for products with or without marketing authorization in Colombia. manage

Technovigilance is defined as the set of activities for identification and qualification of serious and undesirable adverse events and incidents associated with medical devices, as well as risks factors´ identification. It is based on notification, registration and systematic evaluation in order to stablish the frequency, severity and incidence thereof to prevent their appearance.

We have implemented a program to ensure these activities and to notify, manage and report an event at a national and international level.

The information related to both programs are confidential and anonymous for the Pharmaceutical industry and it is associated to the Data Protection Privacy Policy. Throughout these programs, Global Service Pharmaceutical promotes the concept of corporate social responsibility by educating the safe use of medicines and medical devices to the health care professionals, patients, customers, among other interested parties.

In case of suspicion of an adverse event, lack of efficacy, overdose, off label use, medication misuse or other, please contact:

Andrés Zuluaga Suárez
Technical Director
Teléfono: (+57 4) 4447918 Ext 114
Celular: 3146796668
Correo: pharmacovigilance@gpharma.net

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