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Essential unavailable medicines

According to Art.2 Decree 481/2004 an essential unavailable medicine “It’s an irreplaceable medicine aim to protect life or alleviate the suffering of a patient or a group of patients, and due to the low profitability in its distribution the quantities are not enough or are unavailable in the market” and must comply with the following characteristics:

  • Not to be under clinical trial
  • Not to be commercialized nationally, or whenever the quantities available are not enough to cover the needs.
  • Not to have substitutes in the market

We support the patient, healthcare professionals and health care providers with the procedures with the National Health Authority- INVIMA in order to submit the documents for an import authorization of a specific medicine.

In addition, we are able to perform the import process, medicine’s delivery and pharmaco therapeutic follow up.

We have batch approved import permission granted by INVIMA for specific medicines, which facilitates the access to the treatment.

For more information contact:

Olga Isabel Casas Osorio
Gerente Comercial
Cel 3146795552


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